3 Videos You Have to Watch Before Your Next Job Application

By Made In Group
schedule31st Aug 22

As part of Backing Britain 3.0 - a year round exhibition featuring a Made Futures employment hall - there is a variety of 'Made Talks' for jobseekers and those already working in UK industry.

These videos are aimed at supporting students and jobseekers to acquire jobs within the thriving UK manufacturing industry - as well as supporting those already employed with thriving within their role.

There are a wide variety of informative and inspiring talks, including tips for succeeding with "digital competencies", marketing, social media and more within the manufacturing industry. Scroll below to discover 3 videos which could provide you with great tips for your next job application from industry leaders.


The dos and don'ts of job applications


What qualities do employers look for in applicants?


What skills do manufacturer look for when recruiting?


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