From Apprentice to MD: The Extraordinary Path of Paul Stockhill

By Made In Group
schedule11th Aug 23

Made in Group have now released Episode 5 of the second series of the Our Finest Hour podcast, featuring a particularly inspiring guest and an important member from the membership group: Paul Stockhill, Managing Director at Agemaspark.

This is an inspiring episode where we uncover the extraordinary path of Agemaspark mastermind Paul Stockhill, from apprentice to MD. Journey through Paul's remarkable story, learn from his career insights and grasp his pivotal role in establishing an employee ownership trust for Agemaspark.

Doncaster-based Agemaspark, a long-standing member of Made in Yorkshire, are specialists in Precision Engineering, CNC Machining, Spark Erosion, Wire EDM and now have 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing capabilities.

Our Finest Hour celebrates resilience, shares business and life lessons, and highlights the UK's impressive history of stoicism and innovation, by speaking with key members within British industry. Made in Group is an advocate for championing British Industry, campaigning to shine a light on this fantastic sector, whilst connecting businesses, sharing knowledge, and helping companies reach their full potential.

By watching Our Finest Hour, you will hear directly from some of the best and brightest in British Industry. From entrepreneurs to innovators, there’ll be a wide array of guests who will inspire and educate you as a business leader within UK manufacturing.

Interviews are from a mix of Midlands and Yorkshire companies, with the majority filmed at the Made in Group studio in Wolverhampton. For members who want to join a live audience and also participate in mini networking and lunch, you can visit either or and register for these under the 'Events' section.

New episodes are released on Fridays at 9am, on the Our Finest Hour YouTube channel. Scroll below to watch the latest episode of Our Finest Hour!


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