Targeting the Right Advertising Message to the Right Audience

By Made In Group
schedule20th Jun 22

Adverts on the Made in Group platform give members the chance to tailor their online advertising strategy to a targeted group of industry professionals.

This effective and highly flexible form of display advertising is exclusively available for Gold members of Made in Yorkshire and Made in the Midlands - which can be accessed through the backend of the microsite account.



Gold members are given the opportunity to advertise a graphic promoting their company on 5 other member microsites. However, there are of course some restrictions to ensure that members don’t advertise on the microsite of a company that is a direct competitor.

Made in Group’s own display advertising giving members this choice allows them to direct their company promotion towards web traffic (people) who are already navigating around a fellow member and are therefore highly likely to be interested in the UK manufacturing industry - making it highly targeted and effective.

The Made in Group platform also provides analytics on each of your individual advertising campaigns, meaning you can see which of these display ads are most effective on a certain microsite and how many “impressions” it has received. This data can of course be used to inform members on which campaigns they may want to change, through choosing a different microsite to advertise on.

Discover how to maximise on the benefits of this feature in the video below!



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