What Are the Benefits of Bringing All Business Operations Under 1 Roof?

By Made In Group
schedule25th Aug 22

In August 2022, The Editor's Pick saw guest editor Luke Appleby speak with 3 industry leaders from the Made in Group regarding their latest news stories - with us here focusing on the insights provided by CBE+ CEO Marie Cooper.

Luke Appleby of Made in Yorkshire Patron Equilibrium Risk here chose to speak with Marie regarding the company's £4m Project to Bring 5 Divisions Under 1 Roof

CBE+, an engineering supply chain solutions company based in Chesterfield, earlier this year relocated all of its five divisions to a single 70,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in the town.

The company have spoken previously about how this project has been a long term goal. Some of the key benefits of this project have said to stem from how the move allows for the entire team to operate as one cohesive unit. 

Alongside this internal benefit, another key benefit comes from how it makes it far easier for CBE+'s customers to access the multiple services that they provide.

Watch the video below to hear CBE+ CEO Marie Cooper's thoughts on this £4 million project!


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